Bratislava the Capital City of Slovakia

Parking enforcement

We are keen on ensuring that parking in Bratislava is more accessible to its residents and is clear and comprehensible for everyone.

Therefore, parking will only be permitted in designated parking spaces. We will also improve parking enforcement.

What is the right way to park?

These days, cars in Bratislava are parked practically everywhere. One of the objectives of regulated parking is to introduce a system for parking in public spaces.

The Parking Assistant will clearly designate where parking is permitted and where it is not. Parking will be permitted only in the designated parking spaces.

We will gradually mark these parking spaces in the individual zones throughout the entire city, and once the spaces are marked the zones will be incorporated into the Bratislava Parking Assistant System.

Objective liability

Enforcement is an important part of the regulation of parking.

The municipal police will carry out enforcement, and recent legislative changes introduced  so-called objective liability.

This will enable the municipal police and inspectors to use photo/video documentation to deal with offences. The physical presence of the driver/owner of a vehicle will not be necessary, which will make the enforcement system faster.

The more illegally parked vehicles we can identify, the more parking will be available for residents in the vicinity of their residence.